Year of the Rat

If you are wondering whether negative thinking is affecting the way you react to all the events in your life, shadowing the potential of each moment with paranoid anxiety, then ask yourself this: do I try to kill what plagues me, or do I simply reimagine the plague as a gift?

Intuition is Bodily: Caitlin Adams Interviewed by Simona Blat
Bomb Magazine

At the beginning of March, twenty people joined Caitlin Adams’s Therapeutic Movement Workshop: Memory Tracking and Instant Composition. For an hour we roamed the room fueled by her highly specific directions: step to the left, turn on one leg, place hands where needed, freeze. Listening and acting on instinct without judgment or control, the room buzzed with interpretive gestures.

A Scattering of Blossoms
Small Orange Journal

Dry your hands and return to me.

Am I a Monster or is this What it Means to be a Person
The Scofield

Writing requires a blend of determination and resignation that only the immigrant possesses. 

Two Peach

We lie on the grass like dogs. Bleary and split, red on the red dress.    

This Great Violence
The Brooklyn Rail

Could these bodies be words? In the Gun Cabinet lets us imagine a world where words, inherent in the ability to hurt, could also protect us with their theatrical power.

Would Be
(Short) Fiction Collective

I would count the grapes in the bowl in front of me, there would be eleven and I would wonder if you hated me for having the ugliest ever grown. I would watch you. I wouldn’t be able to stop. I would adore you.

Eye Contakt
The Fanzine

A feeling of seeing someone terribly familiar
who I have never met.

Eve’s Diary
New South

It is not safe to trust me with a moon that belongs to something else. There are too many stars in some places and not enough in others. I wish I could put some in my hair.

33 Synthetic Blackberries
Limited Edition Printing 

The human eye without a lens pulls two identical leaves